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The Italian word opera means "work", both in the sense of the labour done and the result produced. 

Much like the classical musical theatre, we bring various disciplines together to further the clinical development of your drug or medical device.

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A brief introduction

Founded in 1995, Opera's has been growing steadily as a CRO that focuses on combining high-quality research with cost-efficiency. As a company, we represent modern solutions to complex challenges.

Upcoming MDR & IVDR

A clear focus on Medical Devices has positioned Opera as a preferred partner for MDR & IVD preparation to help you keep your product on the market.


Our 20 years of experience in clinical research has led to the fact that Opera has strong relationships with many key opinion leaders globally. We use these relationships to your benefit, to provide high-quality outcomes.

We understand the music

We read in between the lines and ensure current and future compliance.

A bridge to China

As a part of the Tigermed Group, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate market access in China.


At Opera, we believe knowledge needs to be shared to further develop clinical programs, increase market access, and to meet unmet patient needs. This is why we share publications, blogs, and other insights here. 

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Besides sharing our hands-on expertise in real life, we regularly share updates regarding industry news, changing legislation and tips on practical solutions to industry challenges.

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Meet us at one of these upcoming events

We understand the music

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16 - 19 November 2020

We are looking forward to meeting you at this virtual business match-making event for the Medical Devices industry. 

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Clinical Trials Europe

2 - 4 November 2020

Europe's largest event dedicated to streamlining clinical trials and improving patient outcomes.

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China Focus Virtual Partnering

14-16 December 2020

We will be available to explore opportunities for clinical development in China together with you.

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